Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Inaugural Post

Its always bugged me reading blogs that very little was ever posted about things from a science perspective.

Science today is an integral part of our everyday life. Our automobiles are increasingly complicated, with advances being made in fuel cell technology, ethanol fuels and electric cars. Computers are used by everyone but understood by few. Sure, lots of people know about binary code and most people know how to use HTML (I'm still learning), and maybe you even know how to assemble a computer from its varied parts (I can't). But how many people know exactly how a DVD works or why a BluRay disc is better? Heck, most people probably don't even know how one of those fluorescent light bulbs work.

If you do, congrats! In any case, beyond informing any readers about new advances in science I'll probably delve into some of the political implications behind the different advances. Things like public subsidies for ethanol production, the recent ban on incandescent bulbs, etc..

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