Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When is Faith Ridiculous?

You'll all recall the fixation of certain media sources and persons of particular political leanings had on the beliefs of Gary Goodyear, Canada's Science Minister with respect to evolution. There were numerous people who attacked him for refusing to confirm that he believed in evolution and raised questions about his fitness to serve in that capacity because of his beliefs.

Now, there is a certain rumour going around that Harper didn't eat the Eucharist at a Catholic mass held at the funeral of former Governor General Romeo LeBlanc. Non-religious folks may ask 'why is this an important issue?', so let me explain briefly.

Catholics believe that during the mass ceremony that an event known as 'transubstantiation' occurs, where the wine and bread actually becomes the blood and body of Jesus Christ. To Catholics, this is a completely acceptable belief that is perfectly believable.

But now, there is a significant group of journalists who are attempting to make an attack on Harper (a Protestant) for not eating Jesus. There are catholics they say who are deeply concerned that he put that wafer (read: Jesus) in his pocket instead of eating it as he was supposed to.

So, when Harper has a minister who has a deeply unscientific view, some journalists and many liberals (note the small 'l') attack him. When Harper supposedly fails to observe a particular unscientific view, some journalists attack him.

I should state, I don't care if Catholics have an unscientific view about pieces of bread and wine becoming the actual blood and body of Jesus. Just as I don't care that some Evangelical Christians have an unscientific view about the beginning of the world.

Science. Faith. Different.

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