Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Is Actually Not Unusual

I know how the optics of this look.

But in all honesty I'm not surprised. Its not unusual for some government agencies to only have hard copies of some documents. Or at least to claim they only have hard copies available.

Here's a question though. To arrive at such a number, someone would have had to taken the time to actually count all 4476 pages one at a time. Was that really the best use of their time? Couldn't they just have said 'thousands' of pages?

I suppose that for dramatic effect they need to give an exact number to the newspapers but I don't think any government agency should do something like that just so that the media can have a number to place in their headlines.

Maybe the document was already numbered? If so, then why not send it as a pdf on a USB drive?


Old School Liberal said...

It was a straight-up printout of a spreadsheet.

So it would have the page numbers on it.

And it was printed from an electronic form which they refused to provide.

Eric said...

Are you sure? That would explain it though. So while my first comments were therefore incorrect, but my last comment stands. Why not send it as a pdf on a USB drive.

I know from experience that some government agencies will refuse to release electronic copies of any form to reviewers, so i wasn't too surprised by their actions.

Eric said...

I guess I thought they had sent a large number of separate spreadsheet documents. I didn't expect the government would be so well organized to have them all in one place.

Old School Liberal said...

Why not send it as a pdf on a USB drive.

Why indeed.

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