Saturday, March 6, 2010

Coal, China and the Crazies

And by crazies, I mean, anyone who would dare to praise the Chinese government for being 'ahead' in the 'clean energy race'.

Look at the facts for goodness sake, China produces 90% of their electricity from coal and oil. A meagre 0.06% comes from 'other' sources like windpower.


william said...

Kind of off AND on topic...

You see...
If you have global-warming where you live, you will not be able to use (electricity generated by COAL), you must generate electricity by other means.
Preferably solar or wind.

If you DON'T have global-warming where you live, then you can build and use all the COAL generated electricity you want.

Simple eh..!
The best part is that OTHERS wil pay for your COAL generated electricity if you can prove YOU are poor or ALMOST (NOT) poor.

Long live the new world order...!

Eric said...


Your sarcasm is appreciated. I think what this shows really is that the Chinese government is being pragmatic about the whole 'global warming' thing.

They probably don't believe it and/or don't care about it but noticing that everyone else cares, wants to 'look' green my making a few high-profile but ultimately meaningless changes. The environmentalists in Canada often enable this behaviour by praising China for being 'ahead' and demanding an even higher standard from Canada, regardless of if it makes sense or not.

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