Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Obama Snubs and is Snubbed

The big nuclear summit ended with a fizzle. No major announcements, no big agreements. Just a token consensus to secure 'vulnerable' nuclear supplies. Because those dangerous stockpiles in Canada are the real threat to nuclear security, eh.

Meanwhile, Japan-USA relations reached a new low as Obama refused to squeeze Hatoyama in for more than a chat during the summit, and so in return Hatoyama used the summit as an opportunity to discuss territorial spats with China's Hu Jintao and the opportunity to help Vietnam build roads and nuclear power plants. The irony is thick.

Other nations similarly took the opportunity to use the summit, not to talk about nuclear security, but chat it up with other foreign leaders concerning other, unrelated matters.

Canada, despite its agreement handing over chunks of our highly enriched uranium back to the USA, felt no compunction against publicly contradicting Obama when he made unfounded and incorrect claims. Considering Hilary Clinton's poor behaviour recently in Canada, I'm not surprised.

On Iran, China is still not enthusiastic, to say the least, about any sanctions. Despite the media and Obama administration's misleading statements, the most China would commit to was opening negotiations concerning sanctions, not that they would support sanctions (see the correction at the end of the article).

But Obama gives as good as he gets, at least when it comes to small US-friendly countries. Obama took the opportunity to snub a USA ally that has been literally falling over itself to try to help the USA; Georgia.

Success, indeed.

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