Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wind Power's Problems Not PR

If you read the Toronto Star recently, you might think that wind power's only problem is unreasonable health concerns, and a minor case of NIMBY.

I'm still undecided about the health effects of wind power, to be honest. I can't see any reason why they might cause health problems, but I'm not willing to dismiss the idea out of hand without any widespread implementation and observation. I'm pretty sure though that in 20 years or so we'll have enough samples for some researchers to make a study examining health and proximity to large commercial wind farms.

But that is not wind power's main problems. The problems facing wind power are dual; its too expensive and too intermittent. Problems that have been largely papered over by the wind power lobby and have not been brought to the public's attention.

Other nations and jurisdictions, such as Scotland and Spain, are finding out the hard way that wind power is no alternative to coal or natural gas. Both in terms of electricity generated and in terms of cost per unit output.


CanadianSense said...

That should be a wake up call to the green energy act and the FIT.

Why are we not looking at California, European mistakes regarding the Giant Fans?

Powell lucas said...

If the green economy (the only green is the money skimmed off by the proponents of this disaster)is such a boon to employment, I wonder why Spain is running a 25% unemployment rate?

Eric said...


OPG concluded in a study that wind and solar would never be more than 'niche' markets. Some people are paying attention, just the politicians are obsessed with their placebos.


The people who can invest in these boondoggles are rich. Rich people donate money to political parties. Hence, political parties create government subsidized 'investments' for them. The rest of us are stuck with 1% interest.

敬周喜 said...

Poverty tries friends...................................................................

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