Friday, December 31, 2010

Canada and the UAE

A much-debated editorial article in Gulf News, a publication from the UAE has provided me much amusement this New Years Eve. It seems that when they decided to run the article the preparers decided to try to cram as much criticism of Harper and his government (relevant or not) into as few paragraphs as possible. The blatant errors and hypocrisy amused me.

Harper would have to have invented a time machine in order to interfere with the Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB), which has not existed for over a decade. The AECB was renamed the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission after Parliament passed the Nuclear Safety and Control Act back in 1997. No news article I've seen in Canada has ever made this mistake when dealing with the Linda Keen issue, so I have no idea how they could have made this mistake.

To refer to Harper as 'authoritarian' when the UAE government is fundamentally undemocratic is laughable. Laws in the UAE are created by an unelected Supreme Council and 'reviewed' by a council on which only half the members are elected at all. And those who are allowed to vote are extremely limited. By comparison, Harper is a radical democracy activist.

To criticize Canada's human rights record in any way shape or form is like a cast iron pot calling a zebra black. Sure, Canada isn't perfect but the UAE is far, far worse.

If Ignatieff and the Liberals had any sense in their head, they would stand up and loudly condemn the UAE for what it is doing.

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